Campers dressed up in costumes for a fun night at Sequanota.Group activity in the Sequanota swimming pool.Bowersox Enrichment CenterSummer CampsA family of campers takes a moment to smile for the camera.Teamwork activity involving passing a hoop through a chain of people.

faith nurtured & lived

Sequanota is a year-round, Christian-based retreat center and camp, located in the Laurel Highlands region of south central PA.

Summer Staff Facebook Video Challenge:
The video with the most views on Facebook wins a credit at the camp store!
Videos coming soon!
Video 1: "Don't swipe through your summer" by Josh B, Nathan B, Jimmy F, Jacob M, and Annika S. 
Video 2: "Why attend Summer Camp" by Cathy C, Lindsey H, Kara S, and Aileen W
Video 3: "Things you learn at camp" by Maddie B, Emma H, Maggie P Erin W, and Hanna W
Video 4: "Masterpiece Theater" by Pastor Nathan